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A few important factors can help you choose the right cleaning robot The first factor to consider is the size of the pool. It’s essential you measure the size of your pool before choosing an Aiper cleaner or contacting us for a consultation. Knowing the pool size and features of your pool will help us give you the perfect clean.

The second factor to consider is your desired cleaning coverage. The surface of your pool floor, pool shape, and other features such as stairs or slopes will impact what Aiper is best for your pool.

It is important to remember that our robots are not designed to clean benches and stairs.

If you can’t quite decide which of our high quality robotic pool cleaners is right for you, we’ve made it simple! Just tell us a little bit about your pool, and Aiper will do the rest. 

Please contact us for further consultation to find the perfect Aiper for your pool and needs.
Call: +1(866)850-0666 Mon-Sun 9 AM-9 PM (EST)

PVA sponge brushes have stronger absorption and wall climbing ability. Using a PVA sponge roller, Aiper robotic pool cleaners effortlessly traverse your walls while cleaning debris right down to fine dust and tough dirt.

We recommend taking your AIPER out of the pool immediately after each use. Be sure to empty and rinse the filters. When not in use, keep your Aiper out of the pool and stored away until needed.

We cooperate with authorities in 3rd-party certification to protect you when making purchases (SSL to secure the web environment and Aiper to ensure payment security). We also select reliable delivery partners to ensure your products reach you on time.

Aiper Customer Experience Service Center provides return service. You can contact us via email or phone within 30 days.
Call: +1(866) 850-0666 Mon-Sun 9 AM-9 PM (EST)

1. Before recharging your Aiper, please dry the charging port. After lifting the cleaner out of the water, ensure your Aiper is switched off(the indicator is off); otherwise, your unit will not charge.
2. Do not power on the cleaner when it’s on the ground.
3. Please clean the filter tray after each cleaning cycle.

PLS NOTE: The cleaner should be charged for long periods (over a month) as to perserve the battery life.

1. Ensure all the air in your Aiper has been pushed out by slowly submerging your Aiper into your pool.
2. The roller brushes are made of sponges. As you know, the sponge will get hardened if it has not been used for a long time. Therefore please make sure your sponge brushes are completely soaked and soft for the first use, and you can squeeze the sponge while in the water to allow a full soak for approx 1 hour before placing the machine. Then the cleaner will do a great job for you!

This may be because your pool is not a oval, rectangle, or round. In this case you can easily place the provided floating block inside the pool cleaner to increase the cleaning coverage area.

1. Check if the LED power supply is flashing. If it is flashing this may be because your scheduled cleaning is done, change your default time or restart the machine.
2. Ensure there is not a blockage in the filter basket.
3. Check if the cleaning belt at the bottom of the cleaner is broken, if you are experiencing this issue, call us by toll-free number +1(866) 850-0666 Mon-Sun 9 AM-9 PM (EST). A new belt will be mailed to you immediately.

Aiper’s units usually come with a 1-2 year warranty. You can find out the remaining warranty period by checking the product page description and order date, or you can contact our customer service directly.

Call: +1(866) 850-0666
Mon-Sun 9 AM-9 PM (EST)

You can contact our customer service staff by phone or email, and we will work to find a solution. In addition, we have a service workshop staffed by professional Aiper technicians to provide you with customer service.

Phone: +1 (866) 850-0666
Monday to Sunday 9:00 AM – 9 PM (EST)

We currently only sell the 1pc Drive Track Belt for Orca 1200 Pro/Orca 1300 on our website. There are two types, our Small Inner Belt and Large Outer Belt.
If you need other accessories, we recommend you contact our customer service.

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