Sketch your dream robot to be Aiper's Beta Tester!

What should Aiper’s “the world’s first Omni-Cleaning cordless robotic pool cleaner” look like in your mind?

Here are some clues: it can clean pool surfaces, floors, walls, and waterlines, test and sterilize water quality…

Participants should sketch or showcase their vision of the most advanced cordless robotic pool cleaner. Winners will be selected to receive Aiper’s new products in 2024 and have the opportunity to showcase their ideas at CES 2024!

The Aiper Product Ambassador Program
The Aiper Leak Squad

Join us in The Aiper Leak Squad, our groundbreaking product ambassador program! Whether you're a professional or hobbyist tech enthusiast, we invite you to explore the possibilities of Aiper's tech and share your stories.

How it works

- Participate in creative challenges like concept art submissions, AI software hackathons, and product reviews. Be part of our innovation team and help shape the future of our products.
- Kicking off with a concept art challenge on Thursday, Sep 28, 2023, imagine the visual architecture of our new Scuba X product. Share your creations on social media, tag @aiperofficial, and use #AIPERLEAKSQUAD for a chance to join our elite Product Ambassadors.

Participate to Win Mystery Coupon And More

- Winners will be featured on our channels, announced as members of The Aiper Leak Squad. Visit our website and social channels for more program details and updates on ongoing Aiper innovations.
- Future challenges include tagline submissions and technical software hackathons. Become a part of the Aiper Leak Squad by showcasing your visionary contributions. Selected members enjoy exclusive perks like beta product access, participation in R&D brainstorms, and exciting giveaways.
- Our campaign builds up to CES, where we'll showcase the best ideas and concept art alongside our latest products. Contributors might even get the chance to speak about their creations and connect with fellow Leak Squad members.
- Join The Aiper Leak Squad, representing the brightest voices of our social media community. Let's innovate together and share the excitement of Aiper's tech journey. Thank you for being part of this adventure! #AIPERLEAKSQUAD

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