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1. First, make sure the device is turned off. Devices that are powered on will not charge.
2. Check if there is any debris blocking the charging port. If the charger isn’t correctly connected, the device will not charge.
3. Check if the LED indicator is on. If not, please contact Aiper customer service.

1. Check the roller brush for excessive wear. If the brush is in poor condi-tion, please contact customer service for a replacement roller brush.

2. Check that the wheel gear is properly attached and secured. If you discover the wheel gear has fallen off, or falls off during operation, please contact Aiper customer service for a replacement part.

3. Ensure the filter basket is clean before each use, as solidified debris may prevent the device from operating at full capability.

4. If your pool has curved walls, this will affect the device’ s ability to tra-verse your pool’s walls.

Check if small debris has become lodged under the mode dial. Use a hose or high-pressure water gun to clean the area around the knob.
Press firmly on the upper cover until you hear it close tight. Press on the cover to ensure it doesn’t spring up again.

1. Please check the LED indicator to ensure the device is fully charged before each cleaning.
2. Check if any debris is obstructing the rotor, as an obstruction can significantly impair the device’s performance.
3. The battery comes with a 24-month warranty and potential repairs may be covered. If your device is not covered under warranty, parts and services may be purchased separately.

1. Check if the inlet cover at the bottom of the trash bin is obstructed in any way as this can cause debris to fall out
2. Clean the filter basket after each use to prevent any potential debris from overflowing or leaking from the filter basket.

1. The machine may be trapped, shut down the drain motor for a short time to allow the machine to automatically correct itself.
2. A boot error may have occurred during start-up, please restart the machine, and allow the device to correct itself.

The flashing red light means the rotor is blocked or the motor is flood-ed. Please contact customer support for replacement or repair.

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Please ensure your device is switched off. Units will not charge when powered-on. Check that the charger is properly connected, and that electricity is flowing to the charger. If no problems are detected, please contact Aiper Customer Care.
A: The charging port plug should always be firmly installed while the device is operating to prevent the charging port from corroding. If you notice the plug has fallen out of the charging port, immediately remove the device from the pool and dry the charging port. Do not place the device directly back into the pool.
Each device is tested at our facility before leaving the factory. Some residual moisture may be left behind but does not affect the working condition of the unit.
The device does not support cleaning pool walls.
A: Please check whether the rotor is blocked by debris. If so, please remover clean, and reinstall the rotor. If not blocked, please check for damages, as this part may need to be replaced.

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While the max run time of the device is 90 minutes, the device may oc-casionally end its cleaning cycle when the power drops below 10%.

If you believe your device’ s battery is not performing up to expecta-tions, and you’ ve ensured the device is fully charged before each use, please contact customer service.

Check if there are any malfunctions in the motor or if there is any ob-struction in the water inlets. If no issues are detected, there may be an issue with the sensor or motor. Please contact customer service.

 This device was designed for smooth, fiat-floored pools. If your pool fool is bumpy, or uneven, the device will not operate at its maximum efficiency. Additionally, customers may want to check that there are no obstructions in the inlets, wheels, or that the device is not becoming stuck on a pool drain.

We recommend you clean the filter tray before using your device. Operat-ing the device with a full, or semi-full filter tray can cause the device to slow down and affect the suction power of the device. If your pool is excessively dirty, we recommend cleaning the pool manually and using the device to conduct routine cleaning of your pool to prevent it from becom-ing overly dirty.

After each use and before charging your device, you should dry the charging port with a paper towel or cloth. If your charging pin has already shown signs of corrosion, you will need to replace the (drive kit).

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