Clean Smarter. Live Intelligently.

Pool cleaners of all types have been around as long as there have been pools; Aiper is the new kid on the block with a lot to prove. How would we make up the gap? By constantly innovating, throwing everything we have into R&D to raise the quality of your pool at every level. We do every test, have developed dozens of sensors and hundreds of algorithms, all ageared to making your pool experience the best, most effortless experience possible – that is the Aiper promise. With over one million dollars in crowdfunding, more than any other cordless robotic pool cleaning product, people are taking notice.

Aiper means dedication:
Dedication to making the best products for your pool. Dedication to making the cleaning experience effortless, so that your free time becomes free again and get back to enjoying your life – not cleaning your pool.

Our Story

In the summer of 2017, Aiper’s founding team members, like many, spent many days in various backyards enjoying the warm weather, time with friends, great barbecue, and of course – the pool. It was in one of these pools that the concept for Aiper’s first cutting-edge cordless pool cleaner would be born. After all, why should your smart lifestyle be limited to your home and your phone? The team, weary of the time-consuming process of cleaning not only their yards but more so their pools, wanted to make the experience easy; they wanted peace of mind before their friends and family arrived to soak up the summer sun in leisure, surrounded by amazing company.

Our backyard is an extension of our homes, our little piece of paradise. We unwind, read a book, and go for a swim in that space – we want to spend time with our families, not struggle with chores. Time and efficiency contribute to the backyard being one of a homeowner’s most daunting tasks, and hiring a company to take care of this becomes costly over time. Aiper, aiming to extend the smart home experience to the backyard, has delivered several products to make life simple, effortless, and easy! From our humble beginning innovating pool cleaners that were downright bulky, inefficient, and constantly tangling, Aiper has been delivering innovative outdoor cleaning solutions for the entire backyard. Simply, we’ve changed how you clean your pool and backyard – forever.

Aiper Pool Cleaners

Clean Smarter

Aiper’s line of robotic pool cleaners has pushed robotic cleaning technology to new limits. A cutting-edge R&D team has made leaps in artificial intelligence technology that fits into your home. With dozens of patents, Aiper is revolutionizing cleaning technology, mapping your pool, and analyzing the most effective path to get the most efficient clean. Unmatched in both power and performance Aiper units navigate around your pool and any obstacles, giving your pool a pristine clean.

Aiper Global

We bring pool cleaning into the age of intelligence as a global brand with global reach. Aiper has operations and manufacturing centers, as well as R&D teams in the U.S, China, and Europe, and offices in Japan. Aiper aims to expand smart technology to customers worldwide, from inside the home to the entire home inside and out, we aim to be every family’s number one trusted name in robotic cleaning solutions.

Reddot Awards

Aiper Pool Cleaners

The Orca Series put Aiper in people’s pools worldwide and on the pool cleaning industry map. Featuring revolutionary cleaning systems that map your pool to provide the most effective, efficient clean, Aiper’s R&D team packed the Orca 800 Mate with a level of genius and ingenuity that reshaped pool cleaning upon its release.

The Aiper Commitment


Trust that your pool is being taken care of with Aiper. We are committed to providing the best products and services for your pool. Our products speak for themselves, but Aiper is willing to go above and beyond the call of service. Have suggestions for us? Let us know.


Aiper builds products for the long haul, is waterproof, and able to withstand blistering temperatures. Our pool cleaners are meant to be with you for the lifetime of your pool.


We’re not done improving! Our R&D teams are constantly at work to bring you new features, more efficiency, software updates, and more. Every week we receive feedback about our products, and we’re listening! We hear your requests and we’re relentlessly finding solutions to meet them! Innovation is a never-ending cycle of improvement, and we’re innovating every day to make yourlife more convenient.