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We recommend charging your device using the DC adapter on cloudy/rainy days. On sunny days, feel free to use the solar panel to charge your device. When powering on your device for the first time, press and hold the Power Button for two seconds. If the device ever fails to turn on, please plugin the DC Adapter, which will display a solid blue light, indicating the device is charging.
The skimmer does not function as a vacuum. Any debris clinging to the side of the pool may need to be cleaned manually.
It is suitable for cleaning all outdoor pools except infinity pools and spa pools, including saltwater pools with a NaCI concentration of 6500 or less.
The skimmer may become entangled or trapped by the cords of other devices, preventing it from operating properly. Running multiple devices in your pool simultaneously increases the risk of device collisions, potentially damaging one or both of your devices.
We recommend turning your pool systems of or lowering the water flow rate of your pool while operating your Aiper skimmer. You may also place a pool noodle (not included) to the front of the skimmer
Using Remote Control Mode in the Aiper App, you can pilot the device away from where the device is. If your mobile device isn’ thandy, you can retrieve the skim- mer using a hook. (not included) For a pool with steps, please use the anti-stranding bars that come with the device. Please refer to the user manual for instructions on how to use the anti-stranding bar.
No, you’ re free to leave the device in the pool as it continues to operate or float if not in use. You can Power On/Power Of the device anytime in the Aiper App.

There are two charging methods available: charging via the DC adapter and charging via the solar panel.

1. Charging via the DC adapter: Connect the DC adapter to the skimmer. The LED Indicator will pulse while the skimmer is being charged and produce a solid glow when fully charged.

2. Charging via the solar panel: When it is sunny, the skimmer will automatically charge via the solar panel. A flashing LED Indicator means the device is not charging, due to insuicient sunlight.

Make sure the skimmer has not been manually turned of.

1. The solar panel will not charge your device if there is insuicient sunlight.

2. Check if the solar panel may be obstructed by dirt and can’t work properly. Please use a clean, soft, damp cloth to clean the solar panel.

These are residual chemicals and minerals from the pool water. They have little efect on the operation of the skimmer or its solar charging. You can wipe them of with a clean, soft, damp cloth. Do not clean the solar panel with a high-pressure washer or scrape it with any tools.

1. The skimmer will automatically charge and resume operation once there’s suicient sun- light. To charge it quickly, you can lift it out of the pool and charge it via the DC adapter.

2. If the LED indicator is flashing red, the skimmer may have a malfunction: faults like a stuck propeller or jammed debris impeller, abnormal battery temperature, etc. You can check the app to see if there are any fault notifications.

One or two propellers may be entangled by debris. Lift the skimmer out of the water and remove any debris blocking the propellers.

1. Check and regularly clean the debris bin.

2. Check if the filter is blocked and clean it regularly.

3. Check if the debris intake impeller is jammed by debris and remove it.

When winter comes or when the skimmer has not been used for more than a month, use the following methods to store your device:

1. Ensure the device is not in low battery mode (LED Indicator shows a blue light).

2. Press and hold the Power Button for 2 seconds to turn the device of.

3. Clean the device with a dry cloth.

4. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated indoor area away from high temperatures.

5. Fully charge the device before next use.

6. To better extend the life of the machine, you can use the DC Adapter to charge the machine once every TWO months while not in use.

If the skimmer is disconnected, try to troubleshoot as follows:
WiFi connection:

1. Please make sure the skimmer is fully charged and turned on.

2.Please confirm that your router is operating properly, and the skimmer is within the WiFi coverage area.

3. The skimmer will be temporarily disconnected during an update. At this time, do not operate it. It will automatically restore the network connection after the update is completed.

Bluetooth connection:

1. Please make sure the skimmer is fully charged and turned on.

2. Confirm that your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled.

3. Make sure that the skimmer is within 98ft/30m (open distance) of your phone.

The app provides the following functions (subject to continuous development and update), including but not limited to:

1. Remote monitoring the skimmer’s status (when connected via WiFi): its battery level, being charged or not (charging via the solar panel or DC adapter), working status, cleaning task log (including task running time), device fault report, pool water temperature information.

2. Controlling the skimmer (only when connected via Bluetooth or WiFi): Control it to start/stop cleaning in the Automatic Cleaning Mode, or to move forward, backward, turn left, turn right in the Remote mode.

3. Update: Update the skimmer software through the cloud.

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