Great New Pool Toys & Accessories for 2022

Isn’t technology great? Over the years, manufacturing techniques have allowed us to make so many more new toys for our pools that are affordable, and last longer. They range from pure visual effects, to transforming your pool into a playground for adults and kids alike.

Sure, floating around on an inner tube is still a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. But remember how hot those could get in the sun? And what if you wanted a more active pool activity? Or maybe you just want to relax without burning yourself on hot rubber?

Let’s take a look at some of the newer types of pool toys & accessories that can turn your backyard into a destination on the weekends.

Inflatable Pool Platforms & Docks

Companies like BOTE have ruggedized the pool float business. For sure, this is not an entry level, inexpensive pool toy. With options up to 100 square feet, and made from military grade materials, this platform is built to last.


There’s even inflatable furniture to go with it, and tie downs for coolers and other accessories.

Perhaps the best part is its portability.

While you can certainly keep it in your pool for an enjoyable afternoon, this platform can be rolled up and brought to the lake with you for a day out with friends. Its versatility makes it a must have.

Jurassic Pool?

You know what makes anything better? Dinosaurs.

Many manufacturers have stepped outside the normal inner tube design and have created some truly remarkable pool floats.

So now, you can ride in style on a T-Rex, a unicorn, a swan… almost anything you want!

Make sure you take a look at all the reviews before you make a purchase. You’ll want one that at LEAST will last you through the pool season if not longer.


Remote Controlled Racing Robots

RC fun in the pool isn’t just for boats anymore. Some manufacturers have ventured in to remote controlled cars that are amphibious and hit speeds of up to seven miles an hour!

Imagine having a few of these for Sunday afternoon races with the kids!


While these RC units might not clean your pool like ours do, they’ll still provide hours of entertainment on a budget!


Your Own Swim Up Bar

But enough about the kids. Ever wanted a swim up bar without having to do a permanent installation?

Take a look at these removable pool bar stools at Houzz.


Put a few in the shallow end, fill the base with sand, and you’re ready to have your friends over for drinks. The stools are adjustable for height, so they should work in just about any pool, above ground or inground.

Stay Out of the Deep End

Just when you thought it was safe to look at your pool floor again…

Your guests just may gasp when they walk into your backyard and see the newest resident in your pool- a great white shark.


Called “pool tattoos”, simply unroll your shark and drop it in the deep end. There she will stay until you pick her up.

Make it Yours

All in all, it’s easier than ever to create a truly unique experience for your family and guests when they venture into your backyard.

A pool was meant to be enjoyed, so upgrade your lifestyle with the latest and greatest in pool accessories!


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