4 Tips to Keep Your Vinyl Pool Walls Spotless

You make tireless efforts to keep your above ground pool water crystal clean, so the last thing you want is for your vinyl pool walls to look stained. While with age it may become tough to control, there is preventative maintenance you can do to prolong the beautiful look of your pool.

Most of these steps will fall right in line with what you’re already doing to keep your pool clean, so it’s not a whole lot of extra work. However, if you start to see signs of staining, review our tips below, and you should be back to normal in no time.

Keep Up your Normal Cleaning Routine

Keeping your pool walls clean starts with the simple stuff, which includes day to day maintenance.

Always make sure you are skimming the water surface, doing your vacuuming, and keeping the skimmer basket free from debris.

That’s going to help keep the circulation at correct levels, as well as making sure your pool chemistry has the best chance to stay in prescribed ranges.


Scrub the Pool Walls, and Remove Algae

While you don’t (and shouldn’t have to) do this as frequently, you should scrub your pool walls to keep algae from taking hold and growing over time.

It’s possible your pool vacuum, if you use one of our Aiper models made for this, will do this for you as it’s vacuuming. However, if you are doing it by hand, you should likely do it every couple of weeks or if you start to see a green tinge to your water.

If the water is off color, it may also mean you have to check your pool chemistry.


Maintain the Proper Pool Chemistry!

Since we mentioned it in the first two tips, you may be getting the notion that pool water chemistry is important.

That’s because it is!

You can read up on what your numbers should be like here, but really you just need a test kit to tell you if you’re in range. Proper balances should keep algae from growing as long as your pool filtration and circulation is up to snuff.

If your numbers are off, add the appropriate chemicals to bring them back to acceptable levels. Letting any kind of algae (or certain other bacterias) live in your water for too long can start to stain the vinyl walls of your pool.

Tennis Anyone?

Here’s a pro tip: Having a tennis ball or two floating in your pool, especially after heavy swimming use like a kids pool party, can help you keep your pool cleaner!

What happens is that they can help absorb stuff that your guests drag into your pool, like hair products, sunscreen, bug spray- all the things that people tend to have on them for backyard events.

If you’re a dog owner, your biggest challenge here is going to keep from playing fetch all the time! Dogs love tennis balls.

Already Have a Stain?

Stains happen sometimes, despite all your best efforts.

Should you see one starting to form, one method to try to head it off is to scrub the stain, then shock the pool, then scrub it again.

If that doesn’t work, you can purchase commercial vinyl pool stain removers, or of course call in your friendly local pool cleaning service.

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