6 Top Pool Cleaning Tips

It’s becoming less of a luxury and more commonplace to see swimming pools as part of the garden landscape. However, this pleasurable asset also comes with a great deal of maintenance if you want to keep your pool in good condition for many years.

Following are 6 top tips to help keep your swimming pool in great condition.


Clean your pool often

Depending on the frequency of your pool usage, you have to vacuum and clean it to remove debris, leaves and other objects that may enter your pool. Skimming and vacuuming on a regular basis improves water quality, and keeps your yard beautiful.

Check the water level of your pool 

Be sure to always keep an eye on how much water is in your pool. Aside from just keeping things looking nice, your pool was meant to have a specific amount of water in it.

If you don’t keep the water at the right level, this could have an adverse impact on the pool filter. In fact, if it gets too low, it can damage the pump your pool filter runs off of.

Check your pool filter

Checking your pool filter is part of keeping your pool clean. As well as cleaning the pool surfaces you must check the water filter for any debris that could enter the unit. Several signs alert you to when it’s time to empty your filter box. These include low pressure coming from your return lines, do strange noises (like a sucking sound) coming from the skimmer box.

Check water chemistry

Like checking the water levels, the PH balance of water chemistry ensures that the water is not corrosive over time. Ideally, the level should be neutral, between 7 and 7.6. Again, you may have already received guidance from local pool professionals; if not, find a professional to help keep your pool in great condition.

A great hack is to use baking soda to scrub your pool tiles.  This can be a time consuming process, but its worth it. Baking soda can help to avoid algae growth.

Monitor chlorine in your pool

Although chlorine is brilliant for keeping your pool clean and hygienic, too much can be irritating for your eyes and damage your hair. However, if you’re away from home for a while, you can add a few extra tablets to tide you over. You probably don’t want your pool to smell like the one at the local rec center, so don’t over do it.

Chlorine testing is crucial because chlorine will break down and lose its effectiveness over time, especially during periods of high sun and heat. If, on the other hand, you’ve been away from your pool for a while, you can carry out a ‘shock test’ by putting extra chlorine in the pool to clean it.

Keep a schedule for your pool cleaning

Make pool cleaning a habit, and part of your routine. It’s easy to forget to keep up with your maintenance, so setting aside a specific time to do it is a great idea.

Many people actually find skimming their pool quite relaxing, and an excellent time to get some thinking done, or simply quiet your mind. A nice, cool Saturday morning maintenance session can not only keep your pool in great shape… it can also set you up for a very peaceful weekend.


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