8 Stunning Pool Designs for Small Backyards

At Aiper, we look at and visit A LOT of pools. We’ve found that one of the biggest misconceptions about becoming a pool owner is the amount of space you need. Today, we look at pools designed for smaller yards, some of which are truly impressive and innovative uses of space.

First, I wanted to show some love for our above-ground pool users. Because unless you buy a house that already has an in-ground pool, dedicating the time and resources to putting your pool in-ground can be a massive deterrent and this was one of those examples that shows you can still have a sense of style without burying your pool in-ground.

What I particularly love about our first entry is the ambiance this pool owner made; this smaller yard is made by the lighting and accessories. Making the pool and extension of the deck and surrounding it with flowers and lights is not only a thing of beauty but those torches are great touches to keep insects away during late-night swims.

For the second entry on the list, I went with a more modest choice of what is easily my favorite pool feature; the included waterfall wall.

The waterfall wall is an excellent way to up that water-aura, pool feel while still saving space. The design is simple, but the inclusion of a waterfall is always popular for kids, teens, and romantic dinners poolside.

Our next entry is all about utilizing special concepts. A tiny, longer backyard and some smart design give us an attractive backyard pool area.

I love how they utilized a more extended pool to make use of the space and really make it pop, turning a boring backyard into a great space for dinner guests to linger outside. A small pool and yard combo like this doesn’t give me the daunting impression that chores of either the yard or pool will take up my weekend either making it, I feel, a great consideration onto the list.

The next is my favorite entry on the list, and I’ll tell you why. I lived overseas a lot, and sometimes when living abroad either for a job, a study abroad, or maybe just because your budget is tight – you find yourself in spaces you’re not accustomed to. This is where I learned to go vertical with my storage. I had one bedroom that was just big enough for a king-sized bed and my computer desk, that’s it, so I built shelves into everything and focused on the style. That’s why I love entry number four on our list.

Making use of the vertical space of a smaller backyard can make that space seem much bigger, create an unparalleled atmosphere that gigantic pools can’t match without the exorbitant cost, and possesses a charm and intimacy to it that I just love.


Plus, no cutting the grass!

Entry five looks like a great budget-friendly DIY project a whole family can participate in.

The pool itself doesn’t look special on its own, something you may buy from a local hardware store even. When combined with the slide, treehouse, and some ingenuity when it comes to landscaping – a backyard oasis of your own is certainly possible, as proven by these pool owners.


You can’t get much smaller than entry number 6 on our list.

For those without a backyard but still craving that pool experience. I saw several smaller designs for pools built on balconies and attached to the side of apartment complexes. A word of warning, however, if you own a condo with a balcony like this, speak with your building management to see if the structure can support having a pool. A gallon of water weights just over 8 pounds, so even a small 10 x 12 x 3 pool is going to have nearly 3000 pounds of water which could pose structural risk to your condo complex.


Our next mini-pool, small-yard combo once more removes the yard from the equation. If you can’t tell, I’m not a fan of mowing grass, so pool solutions like this appeal to me greatly. Still utilizing the space to be green, clean, and stylish – this pool isn’t going to be used for laps but is great romantic hangout or relaxing retreat.

For a time, I lived in Bali, and I visited lots of villas that had small pools included in the yard for ambiance and relaxation. Spaces where you could literally get out of bed, take a dive, and swim over to your kitchen.  Our final entry reminded me of my time in Indonesia, while not a pool you’re going to be diving into, it’s a great example of how we can make our backyard oasis a possibility—keeping spaces green and colorful while upgrading that space with the calming addition of a personal pool.

And there you have it, 8 inspirations for anyone looking to incorporate a pool into their modestly sized slice of paradise. Have a small pool of your own? Be sure to check out our social and share your pool there, we always love seeing community pools!


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