How To Clean A Pool With Algae?

How To Clean A Pool With Algae?

There are few things as fun as jumping into a pool on a sunny day. But danger could lurk in your pool, keeping you away from that refreshing splash you’ve been itching for. If your pool looks green, you may have an algae buildup and will need to identify and eliminate the source of the growth before spending your weekend in the water. In this blog, we’re going to tell you how to remove green algae from the pool and turn your pool into a crystal-clear oasis.


Causes of a Green Pool

Several things may cause your pool to turn green. Algae overgrowth, pollen, and metals can cause your pool to turn green. Finding the root of the problem is key. Photosynthetic organisms that use the sun, water, and carbon dioxide to create their food are capable of proliferating on your pool’s walls, floor, and steps. Simply, algae are the number one cause that makes your pool turn green.


Remove Green Algae from Your Pool

Step 1: Clean the Ladders

Ladders are a great place for algae to hide and grow out into the wider waters of your pool. Regularly removing and bleach cleaning your ladder will prevent algae from growing in the crevasses of your pool’s ladder. A one-part bleach to 10 parts water solution used in either a spray or cloth wipedown will take solve this problem.


Step 2: Clean Your Pool of Debris

Organic material is a consumer of chlorine, and the more you can remove this material, the less chlorine you’ll need to use later. If you don’t know how to clean the debris, you can refer to our other article, Pool Cleaning 101


Step 3: Check Your Pool’s Water Levels

Use a water testing kit to get an accurate water test if your chlorine, chemical, and pool’s pH levels are all balanced.


Step 4: Shock the Pool

Use any pool shock or liquid chlorine. If you want an easy way to shock your pool into shape, I suggest you use liquid chlorine. If your pool is in bad shape, use an algaecide, you can see it does a chemical reaction in the water.


Step 5: Vacuum the Pool

You can use an Aiper robotic pool cleaner to vacuum to clean any loose debris. If you don’t know how to choose the best robotic pool cleaner for your pool, we can help you, just click the URL below and simply answer some questions, and our assistant will give you the best choice.


Step 6: Clean the Filter

Please deep clean your filter cartridges with a professional cleaner. The filter is in the pool pump. If you don’t know how to clean your filter, you can read our other article, Pool Cleaning 101, and we will tell you how to clean your filter step by step.


Preventing algae grow in a pool

Removing green algae from your pool is not easy. You can follow some tips below and keep your pool always a crystal clear oasis:

  1. Regular maintain balance: A balanced pool prevents algae buildup and helps to maintain clean water.
  2. Routine cleaning: Routine cleaning helps to prevent algae growth. Always remove visible algae.
  3. Shock: Algae can be caused by low chlorine, poor filtration, heavy rain, or high heat. Shocking your pool’s water removes most contaminants and kills algae.
  4. Brush the pool regularly, including walls, floor, and waterline. You can buy our pool cleaning kit.
  5. Vacuum the pool regularly, and choose a cordless robotic pool cleaner that suits your pool; our cordless robotic pool cleaner is the world’s best.
  6. Clean the filter regularly to improve water filtration and remove dead algae.


Now you know how to get rid of algae in a pool and know how to prevent it. If you tackle the algae more frequently, green algae won’t be a problem for your pool. Additionally, using an Aiper cordless pool cleaner and pool cleaning kit will help your pool keep a good balance.


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  1. Hi there,

    we are chasing the best robotic pool cleaner to keep a pool clean that constantly has issues with algae – no leaves or debris, just algae. The pool is an inground fibreglass that is roughly 9m x 4m and 2.1m deep at the deepest point.

    Would the Aiper Elite Pro work well in this environment?


  2. Hi Steven,
    Thanks for your message. This is Summer from Aiper Support Team.
    Please kindly understand that our swimming pool robot is more difficult to clean stubborn algae. The algae is stuck on the pool which needs human intervention to brush off the algae with a brush to get rid of the sticky.
    Thanks for your understanding and attention.
    If there is anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
    Best regards
    Aiper Support Team

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