A nice, clean pool can make your backyard more valuable.

Is Having a Backyard Swimming Pool Worth the Hassle?

Does a pool add value to your home? As a homeowner contemplating building a swimming pool, you may be grappling with this question. After all, it’s a significant home improvement undertaking. There are various reasons why it’s a worthwhile investment.

A pool can increase your home’s value. It’s also a great avenue for family fun. Nonetheless, there are important considerations to consider before making the decision. This comprehensive article explores the value proposition of constructing a backyard swimming pool.


Is Building a Backyard Pool Worth It?

One of the major advantages of installing a swimming pool is its positive effect on your home’s real value. A study by Realtor.com shows that homes with pools have listing prices up to 8% higher compared to those without.

A pool also offers a convenient spot for fun activities with family and friends. This is not to mention the health benefits of regular swimming. However, owning a pool does come with its drawbacks. Building a pool is an expensive venture with significant upfront costs. In addition, the necessary routine maintenance can be costly and time-consuming. You also have safety hazards you need to look out and plan for.


Considerations Before Installation

Like any home improvement venture, there are crucial considerations before you get started with your swimming pool. These include space, type of pool, pool costs, and local permits/regulations.

A sparkling backyard pool.

Pools can take up more space than you might think. There’s space for the pool itself and ample room for the poolside perimeter and fencing. It’s also not advisable to build too close to your home. These aspects will determine your pool size and location.

Different types of pools you can choose include in-ground, above-ground, and specialty. In-ground pools are situated on your yard surface with a surrounding deck or patio. They can be constructed with metal or vinyl liners. They are affordable and suitable for small yards.

In-ground pools are permanently built into your landscape. Available pool materials include concrete fiberglass, and vinyl liner. They are customizable and support more accessories/features.

Budget also comes into play. Your budget plan should consider material and construction, chemical, energy, water, and maintenance costs. It’s also important to research your local permits and codes regarding installation, size, and safety features.

As you plan your pool installation, remember to consider the aesthetics and functionality of your backyard space. If you have a small backyard, don’t fret! There are plenty of stunning pool designs tailored specifically for smaller outdoor spaces. Explore stunning pool designs for small backyards to find the perfect fit for your home.


Maintenance Demands of a Swimming Pool

Pool maintenance is critical, as it helps create a safe and hygienic environment for its users. Regular maintenance can also extend the service life of your swimming pool and its accessories. Essential maintenance tasks you have to tend to include:

  • Cleaning the pump basket, skimmer, and filter
  • Scooping out litter and debris
  • Vacuuming the sides and bottom
  • Cleaning and clearing the pool perimeter
  • Testing and adjusting sanitizer, PH, and water hardness levels
  • Checking and adjusting water levels
  • Checking the safety equipment, including steps, railing, and fencing


Cost vs. Benefit Analysis on Backyard Pool

The cost of your backyard pool will depend on various factors. These costs include excavation, pool shell, water backfill, pool equipment, plumbing, landscaping, and permits. Customizations and extras can ramp up the cost. Concrete pools are the most expensive, while vinyl costs the least. In-ground concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl pools average $75,000, $46,000, and $34,000, respectively.

Above-ground pools cost an average of $2850. There are kits available for anywhere between $750 and $11,000 (15 to $30 per square foot). Round pools are cheaper than rectangular ones. Steel is the cheapest material, and aluminum is the most expensive. Resin is somewhere in between.

There are also maintenance costs to consider. It takes about $180 a month to maintain a pool when it’s in use. Factors that affect the costs include geographic location, pool size, material, and usage frequency.

While a backyard is a significant investment, the returns make it definitely worth it. Most importantly, it’s a great way to boost your home’s equity. Prospective buyers consider a property with a swimming pool an attractive option. Under the right circumstances, it can increase your property value by as much as 8%.

If you live in warm climates, a pool can be a necessity to escape the summer heat. Also, you can’t put a price on the countless days of family fun and relaxation it will provide. Swimming offers a great workout with plenty of lifetime health benefits.


How Technology Can Simplify Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance can seem like a daunting task, even though it’s a necessity. One of the best ways to streamline this process is by leveraging technological innovations. From automated cleaning devices to smart lighting, these solutions make maintaining your pool efficient and enjoyable. The days of manual vacuuming and skimming are gone.

an aiper scuba s1 cleaning backyard pool

A robotic pool cleaner, for instance, is a game-changer. These smart machines remove dirt and debris from your pool’s floor and walls. They feature infrared sensors, mapping tools, and powerful motor systems for high-level cleaning. App control allows you to enjoy hygienic pool conditions with zero effort.

These devices also cost you a lot of time and money. Other innovations that simplify pool maintenance include energy-efficient pumps and heaters, automated chemical management, and water treatment systems.



All in all, a swimming pool can be a worthwhile investment. Construction and maintenance can be costly, but it pay back in many ways. Not only can it add value to your home, it also facilitates enjoyable family activities and allows for a beneficial full-body workout.

Before deciding to build one in your backyard, consider costs, maintenance needs, available space, and local regulations. You can also invest in innovative pool cleaning technology to make maintenance easier and more convenient. Aiper is an industry-leading supplier of automated pool maintenance solutions. Our cutting-edge products, like our line of wireless robot pool cleaners, make pool maintenance efficient, fast, and enjoyable.


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