Leveling Up Your Pool Game

In most cases, whenever I visit someone who has a pool, the pool is …an afterthought almost an accessory, a home extension. Rarely, if ever, do I visit someone who has given the pool area of their home a life of its own.  In this week’s blog, I’m exploring options that make your pool the go-to relaxation spot in your house. Some of these I already have incorporated or have designed to add to my pool space, and a few others I picked up along the way. Let the pool games begin!


1.The Fireplace/Firepit

Not only is this a great way to dry off and warm up, it adds so much atmosphere to nighttime swims. The gentle sounds of rippling water combined with the crackling wood and the reflection of the fire glow off of the surface of the water oozes the potential for an electric atmosphere. This is one of the most anticipated upgrades to my backyard.


2.The Bar

The go-to obvious choice, a bar is an excellent addition to the poolside experience if you utilize it frequently. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of people extending their bar into a makeshift outdoor kitchen, including freezers, stoves, and everything needed for a great barbecue built into their poolside bar. The incorporated kitchen extension to the bar I find sophisticated and undoubtedly space efficient, but I’m not much of an outdoor cook, so I’ll stick with my whiskey straight. 


3.A Fountain. 

This might be a bit eccentric, but I just love the idea of having a fountain rising up from the center of my pool and imagine how the ways to utilize it. Games of King of the Hill, romantic photo moments, a friendly, incredible wave of water crashing down on me while my feet splash in the pool. Something about fountains has always been fantastic to me. Unfortunately, this would be one of the more costly and last of my extensions to my pool space – if I ever get to it. 


4.Oversized Swinging Chairs / Hammocks

This was my first addition to my pool space. I was investing in an almost bed-sized platform hanging over the far side of the pool. I wanted to create that sense of weightlessness in the collection without being in the water. I plan to move further to the pool’s center and add a step-up to give the atmosphere a sense of surrealism – floating on the clouds, above the water, and soaking outdoors. 

It’s more than just a mood setter, though; it’s a great toy in many ways. The ability to use it as a swing, propel oneself from the swinging bed, and launch yourself in the pool has already created some electric moments at my parties. 



The gazebo has an old-timey, traditional sound to it, but in my backyard, it’s my most versatile extension of the pool, serving as a dinner spot, a space for outdoor board games, and yes – another oversized bed. It’s also been the backdrop to one marriage proposal (not mine). 

6.Outdoor Shower

Here’s an entry on the list I have no plans to incorporate, but I see the appeal. I always remember being told as a child to jump in the shower after swimming but I never understood and never listened to why. After all, I just got out of the water, and I wasn’t about to be yelled at for tracking water through the house. 

But for those who practice it, for those who have it as a hard rule. An outdoor shower is a worthy addition to your outdoor space. 


7.In Pool Dining Table

Gearing toward the more hardcore pool enthusiasts who also happen to be massive foodies, this has a lot of appeal and is one of the cheapest extensions on the list.

8.Bridge /infinity bridge


Okay, okay – back to being eccentric, but I never thought about adding an infinity bridge to my pool. I’d choose an infinity bridge over a regular bridge simply because an infinity bridge is less likely to obstruct the actual swimming purpose of the collection.  


The idea is remarkably versatile and mood-setting. There are so many lighting enhancements, holiday utilization, and picture-perfect moments that this could capture, and unlike some of my other suggestions, it could be a natural extension of the pool by acting as a diving platform.


9.LED Glow Balls

Last yet not least is the simple LED glow ball. Another surrealist mood-setting prop that isn’t meant for the every day but can be whipped out of the storage area or garage on a moment’s notice to enhance a planned moment or give ….no pun intended, your night a little glow. 



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