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Fun and Fitness Combined: Upgrading Your Yard into a Fountain of Youth

     The Fountain of Youth is a legendary location said to give all those who drink from it everlasting youth. While many have claimed to have found it, science has still not

The Rise of the Natural Pool

When I first heard the term “natural pool,” I automatically was attracted to the idea. In my dream home scenario, a natural pool with almost fantasy-like architecture is blended seamlessly together. Furthermore, the

Leveling Up Your Pool Game

In most cases, whenever I visit someone who has a pool, the pool is …an afterthought almost an accessory, a home extension. Rarely, if ever, do I visit someone who has given the

Making Homes Smarter

We live in the age of “smart” – smartphones, smart cars, smart homes. What makes a product smart though? And how intelligent are these devices really? This buzzword fills the social media we

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