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Aiper Seagull Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Quad-Motor System – This is the world’s first implementation of a dual draining motor and a dual suction motor being applied to a cordless robotic pool cleaner. The Seagull Pro pumps up to 130GPM and is the most powerful cordless robotic pool cleaner on the market.

WavePath™ Navigation Technology – Equipped with industry-leading path planning technology, Aiper ensures complete coverage and an amazing clean for your pool’s floor, walls, and waterline.

Wall Cleaning Capability – Thanks to its powerful motors, the Seagull Pro can tackle more than just your pool floor but also cleans your pool walls and waterline. Roller brushes enables better cleaning ability on pool floor and wall.

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Aiper Seagull Plus Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Powerful Performance – Up to 68GPM of suction power for improved cleaning capabilties.

Improved Battery – Power meets efficiency with the Aiper Plus’s 7800mAh battery that provides up to 110 minutes of cleaning capabilties.

Fast Charging – Significant reduction in charging time to 2.5 hours.

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Aiper Seagull 800B Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cordless – Eliminate the hassle of tangled cords and create a safer environment with the Seagull SE.

Improved Battery – The Seagull SE provides up to 90 minutes of cleaning and takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Cleaning Solution Dispenser – With a built-in cleaning solution dispenser, the Seagull SE doesn’t just clean your pool but leaves it healthier than ever.


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