Bring Vacation Home

The world’s best cordless robotic pool cleaner

Our Story

Once upon a time…

Back in 2017, smart tech was confined to the living room – never something to put in charge of the outdoors. And certainly nothing you would ever dream of implementing within your pool.

That’s when our Aiper team seized the opportunity… We saw how smart robotics could unlock the next evolution in quality of life – paving the way towards a home lifestyle that feels like a personal getaway, every day. Enter Aiper’s signature line of products – the world’s best cordless robotic pool cleaners. From The Seagull Series to the Elite Pro, these revolutionary smart robots have brought vacation home for countless pool owners. But that’s just the beginning. Like life on Earth, we began in the water, focusing on a cordless pool cleaner for now, but with big dreams of moving onto land and into the lawns and driveways of homes everywhere.

We are expanding into a full line of smart products, comprising a high performance global IoT ecosystem that uses technology to transform how people experience their yards. Our aim is simple – become a mainstay feature in high-end homes around the world with offerings that make your domestic lifestyle indistinguishable from a vacation.

Bring Vacation Home

Your home is your sanctuary – your yard, a garden of delight and escape. A place that seems to spontaneously manicure itself to your liking.
For those who know what they want and don’t want to worry, Aiper is a symbol for an elevated lifestyle; a set it and forget it statement piece, representing the kind of tranquility that can’t be bothered with the worries of the outside world.

Aiper Global

We bring pool cleaning into the age of intelligence as a global reach.Aiper has operations and manufacturing centers, as well as R&D teams in the U.S, China, and Europe, and offices in Japan.Aiper aims to expand smart technology to customers worldwide, from inside the home to the entire home inside and out, we aim to be every family’s number one trusted name in robotic cleaning solutions.


Create a carefree lifestyle through technology and innovation.


Become the leading brand in the smart-yard ecosystem.


Keeper of Clean

Behind every incredible yard, is a brand who values making a clean and tidy experience the new standard, a monument to the ideal of yard architecture.

Easer of Everyday

We value bringing ease to the everyday, enabling everyone to enjoy their home according to their most effortless imagination…

Giver of Time

The only thing more valuable than gold in this world, is time. And Aiper gives a wealth of hours back to your time at home.

Creator of Comfort

The way that our brand fits in with the modern lifestyle is one of absolute supreme comfort. Shaping to our customers’ lives in a natural and pleasing way.

Deliverer of Paradise

Every box contains the opportunity to make your home an eden of sensual pleasure, a land of rest and relaxation like the world has never seen.


The Aiper Commitment


Trust that your pool is being taken care of with Aiper. We are committed to providing the best products and services for your pool. Our products speak for themselves.


Aiper builds products for the long haul, is waterproof, and able to withstand blistering temperatures. Our pool cleaners are meant to be with you for the lifetime of your pool.


We’re not done improving! Our R&D teams are constantly at work to bring you new features, more efficiency, software updates, and more. Every week we receive feedback about us.

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