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Aiper Scuba S1 Pro
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Aiper Scuba S1 Pro
Live Life Sideways
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Seamless Pool Maintenance for
Busy Professionals
Picture yourself as a busy professional with limited time for household chores. The Aiper Scuba S1 Pro becomes your trusted pool cleaning companion, effortlessly maintaining your pool's cleanliness while you focus on work and other priorities.
Seamless Pool Maintenance
for Busy Professionals
Eco-Friendly Pool Care for
Environmentally-Conscious Homeowners
As an environmentally-conscious homeowner, you appreciate eco-friendly solutions. The Aiper Scuba S1 Pro operates on a rechargeable battery and employs efficient cleaning technology, minimizing energy consumption and reducing the need for harsh chemicals.
Eco-Friendly Pool Care for
Effortless Pool Prep for
Entertaining Guests
Hosting a gathering or event at your home? Impress your guests with a pristine pool setting courtesy of the Aiper Scuba S1 Pro. Let the robotic cleaner handle the pool cleaning tasks in advance, ensuring your pool area looks immaculate and inviting.
Effortless Pool Prep for
Entertaining Guests
Premium Cleaning
The dual-layer filtration system works in tandem with the quad-brushless motors to dedicate more power to scrubbing and suction and can pick up and store debris as small as 3 microns in the massive 5-liter debris basket.
Designed for the toughest cleaning jobs, the Aiper Scuba S1 Pro is your complete, premium cleaning package.
Suction Power
Fine Filter
Ultra-fine Filter
Waterline Cleaning
Effective Scrubbing 5cm Above the Waterline
Effective Scrubbing
*Obtained in a controlled test environment (see each specific description) and/or provided by the supplier or Aiper Laboratories.
Caterpillar Tread
for Superior Mobility
The caterpillar treads of the Scuba S1 Pro provide greater surface contact with your pool, resulting in improved traction, enhanced mobility, and superior obstacle traversal along both the pool floor and walls.
Climbing Ability
Water line skimmer
Smart Control with
Aiper App
App control is only accessible when the device is out of the water.
Choose the additional Wall Mode in the app.
Monitor battery level and review cleaning history.
All within the Aiper App
Deep Cleaning with Large Debris Basket
The ultra-fine filter is tailored for invisible particles, effectively filtering out common pool issues such as green algae and microorganisms.
Larger Dustbin, Better Cleaning Experience
5L Filter Basket
Aiper Scuba S1 Pro
3.5L Filter Basket
Other Brands
Four Infrared Sensors for
Obstacle Avoidance
Effective obstacle detection for walls and steps over 20 cm.
Wall climbing mode ensures gentle ascent, avoiding collisions.
Detects and avoids pool skimmers horizontally in Waterline Mode.
Stair height
Unique Aiper design
The front-facing LED light strip informs users of the machine's status at all times. The ID design of the command cabin provides an unparalleled visual experience for Aiper Scuba S1 Pro when working underwater. At the same time, the blue light indicates battery level >=50%, yellow light indicates 15%-50%, and red light indicates <15% battery level. Users can visually see the real-time status of the machine.
ECO Mode
Cleans your pool every 48 hours, for 45 minutes, for a full week.
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Scuba S1 Pro
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The device performs as intended in pools made of concrete, fiberglass, vinyl, mosaic tiles and other materials; it cannot be used for infinity pools.
The device can climb steps, but it cannot clean them.
After the device is turned on, it will activate the water pump every 10 seconds to check for water. This process will occur 6 times. If the device does not detect water during this process, it will automatically shut down.
The suction of your pool drain may pull your device onto it, preventing the device from continuing its cleaning operations. Do not, under any circumstances, open the drain outlet while your device is cleaning the pool. If the device has become stuck, it will adjust its propulsion and work free within 3 minutes.

1) After turning on the device, short press the button to select Periodic Cleaning, also known as Eco Mode, and put the device into the water. The device will clean the bottom of the pool every 24-48 hours for 45 minutes each cleaning, and a total of three cleaning sessions.
2)The device may be left in the pool during the entire process and does not need to be retrieved until the three cleaning cycles have completed.
3)If the device is removed from the pool during the device’s sleep period and an operations button is pressed, the device will automatically exit Periodic Cleaning/Eco Mode.

It is recommended to fully charge your device before using Eco Mode. If the battery is insufficient, the device may not be able to complete a full week’s worth of cleaning.

1) The debris bin or filter may be clogged. It is recommended to wash these after each use to prevent debris from hardening in your device, thereby affecting performance.
2) If performance is related to a clogged impeller, please disassemble, and clean the impeller as described in section 8.3 of the instruction manual.
3) The roller brush or filter is aging, and needs replaced.

Why does the device leak garbage after being removed from the pool?

1) The contact surface between the caterpillar tread and the wall is insufficient, resulting in the device being unable to climb.
2) The debris bin is full or the filter is clogged, causing the device to fail to climb the wall.

This action may be caused by the debris bin being full or the filter being clogged. Please use a high-pressure water gun to flush the debris bin.

Yes. Please follow the instructions on Aiper app to add the device, then the device can be controlled through the app. Without the additional communication buoy, your device will lose connection to the Aiper App while submerged underwater and will not be able to be controlled or receive instructions.