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Improved Cleaning Efficiency

Up to 68GPM of suction power for improved cleaning capabilities.

Fast Charging

Significant reduction in charging time to 2.5 hours.

Improved Battery

Power meets efficiency with the Aiper Seagull Plus’s 7800mAh battery that provides up to 110 minutes of cleaning capabilties.

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Products X5-grey X6-grey Seagull Pro
Price $699.99 $1199.99 $899.99
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Maximum Pool Size 1600 sq.ft (150㎡) 2150 sq.ft (200㎡) 1600 sq.ft (150㎡)
Cleaning Scene Flat Floor/ wall/ water line Flat Floor/ wall/ water line Flat Floor/ wall/ water line
Filtration Spec. Level-1: 180μm Fine Filter Basket Level-1: 180μm Fine Filter Basket
Level-2: 3μm Ultra-fine Filter
Level-1: 180μm Fine Filter Basket
Scrubbing Type Suction and 1 Active PVC Roller Suction and Dual Active Front &
Rear PVC Rollers
Suction and 1 Active PVC Roller


Most frequent questions and answers

Please ensure your device is switched off. Units will not charge when powered-on. Check that the charger is properly connecteed, and that electricity is flowing to the charger. If no problems are detected, please contact Aiper Customer Care.

The charging port plug should always be firmly installed while the device is operating to prevent the charging port from corroding. If you notice the plug has fallen out of the charging port, immediately remove the device from the pool and dry the charging port. Do not place the device directly back into the pool.

Each device is tested at our facility before leaving the factory . Some residual moisture may be left behind but does not affect the working condition of the unit.

The device does not support cleaning pool walls.

Please check whether the rotor is blocked by debris . If so , please remove ,clean , and reinstall the rotor . If not blocked , please check for damages , as this part may need to be replaced.