Bumper Protection
Safeguards Your
Pool and Device
Tri-Motor System
Dual motor drive brings better walking stability, more stable driving path and more
controllable turning
Tri-Motor System
The Scuba E1 is among the most efficient, most robust cordless robotic pool cleaners designed specifically for above-ground pools thanks to its powerful tri-motor system.
Drainage Motor
The additional drainage motor delivering suction power of up to 66GPM.
The dual-motor-driven rear wheels enable seamless adaptation to obstacles in all above-ground pools, preventing the robot from getting stuck during operation.
*The image is for functional demonstration only and does not represent the actual device structure.
Bottom Roller Brush
While other robotic pool cleaners treat every pool the same, leading to scuff marks, getting stuck in corners, or simply push dirt and debris aside, the Scuba E1 is specifically engineered with an industry first cleaning brush specifically to clean above-ground pools.  Multiple functions of the Scuba E1 work in tandem to provide an unmatched cleaning experience. The premium silicone brush on the bottom of the device scrubs your pool floor while directing settled debris into the Scuba E1’s specially crafted filtration system. Sophistication and results that outmatch competitor class devices. 
Dual-Filter System
Primary Filter
The primary filter with a mesh size of 180 micrometers is specifically designed to clean visible particles, effectively filtering out common debris and stains found in most pools.
Secondary Filter
The ultra-fine filter is tailored for invisible particles, effectively filtering out common pool issues such as green algae and microorganisms.
Comparison Filter capacity
The Scuba E1 holds 80% more debris than the Scuba X1, which itself stores 50% more debris than all other robotic pool cleaners on the market.
Scuba E1

3.6L Top Loading Debris Bin

Other Brands

2L Filter Tray

Thank you for choosing Aiper
You’ve now joined a family of millions who have already put their trust in Aiper to take care of their pools and are enjoying the convenience of a pristinely clean pool.
One-Click Activation for Easy Usage
No complicated setup, no confusing starting process. Click and forget. Cleaning is now as simple as pressing a button and watching the cleaning happen before your eyes.
Bumper Protection Safeguards Your Pool and Device
The Scuba E1 doesn’t just clean, it protects your pool from unwanted wear, tear, and damage thanks to the anti-collison bumpers around the device.
LED Power Indicator
Blue: 51% or Greater Yellow: 11%-50% Red: 10% or Less
Scuba E1
When Clean Meets Convenience.
Tri-Motor System
Bottom Roller Brush
Dual Filters
Usage of Dual Filter
One Click Activation
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Scuba E1
When Clean Meets Convenience.
Tri-Motor System
Bottom Roller Brush
Dual Filters
Usage of Dual Filter
One Click Activation
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