To celebrate Super Bowl LVIII, Aiper is gifting the cordless, hassle-free Scuba S1 to VIP guest attending the Super Bowl Breakfast.
Please redeem your Aiper Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner between Feb. 10th, 2024 to Feb. 9th, 2025.
Make your selection from the VIP certificate you have received and we hope you enjoy this amazing gift!
Aiper Gift Delivery
To all those who attended the 2024 Super Bowl Breakfast Aiper thank you once again. To redeem your very own Scuba S1 cordless robotic pool cleaner, input your product code and shipping information below. We’re excited to announce delivery of your units is scheduled for Mid-March, and soon enough your pool will be cleaner than ever.

Bring Victory Home

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Thank you for becoming a privlaged member of the Aiper family. You’re unit will be specially selected and delivered with care. We thank you again for your amazing work and hope to collaborate with you again in the future.