Aiper Scuba S1 Pro
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Scuba S1
Retrieval Hook
DC Charger
Types of Pools
Ideal Pool Type
Pool Size
2150sq.ft (200㎡)
66ft (20m) in length
2 x Drive (Brushless)
2 x Pump (Brushless)
Scrubbing Type
Suction and Dual Active Front & Rear PVC Rollers
Suction Power/Flow Rate
100GPM (379LPM)
Filtration Spec.
Level-1: 180μm Fine Filter Basket
Level-2: 3μm Ultra-fine Filter
Filter Basket Capacity
Top Load 5L
Cleaning Cycle
Battery Life
Up to 180 Minutes
Charging Time
4 Hours
Cleaning Mode Selection
Floor/Wall/Waterline/Auto/Eco Mode
Included in The Box
-1x Aiper Scuba S1 Pro
-1x DC Charger
-1x User Manual
-1x Retriecal Hook
Aiper Scuba S1 Pro
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