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Smaller and more hydrodynamic than previous models to decrease resistance, therby increasing power conservation, the Seagull SE dedicates more power to lifting debris and fine particles from your pool's floor.

More efficient, better results, all in a preimum design.


No more unsightly tangles and much less hassle with this cordless cleaner.

Safe, easy to use.



Rapid charge capabilties

50% reduction in charging time.

Less waiting time between charges.


Large capacity battery

Battery life increased by 80%.

Suitable for larger pools than seagull 600.


The Seagull SE automatically parks near a wall of your pool after completing a cleaning cycle or when the battery is low.

Easy retrvial without needing to get wet.





No uncertainty, no hassle, one-click activation allows users to simply click and forget, allowing you to return to a pristinely clean pool.




Light enough for most of the family to use. The ergonomically designed handle gives carrying this unit a natural feel and makes it easy to lift and store.

Easy to lift and store

LED indicator

Equipped with 4 LED 3-color lights.

Visual design makes it easy for users to know the machine status.


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