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Aiper Seagull 1000 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner


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Best Valued

Best Valued

Save your time and labor and enjoy a cleaner pool without the rigorous labors of cleaning by hand—low maintenance at a low cost with the Seagull 1000.

Works on Inclines

Works on Inclines

Equipped with two powerful upgraded motors, the Seagull 1000 can effortlessly clean pool floors and climb inclines up to 15°.

Fast Cleaning

Gone are the days of spending hours scraping the bottom of your pool trying to pick up loose leaves and debris. The Seagull 600 will have your pool sparkling clean in 50 Minutes.



Utilizing the latest self-parking smart technologies, Aiper Robotic Cleaners will stop near a pool wall after completing a working cycle.

Take a Closer Look

Dual-Drive Motors

Equipped with two powerful motors, this cordless pool vacuum will effortlessly traverse your pool’s floor, collecting dirt and debris.

Self-Parking Technology

The Seagull 1000 will park near a pool wall when the battery is low, or a cleaning cycle is complete. The built-in floating handle makes it super easy to retrieve your Aiper from the water.

Efficiency Personified

Two large suction doors cooperate with the bottom brush to complete the cleanup.

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Seagull SE Seagull 600 Seagull 1000
Feature Type Cordless Cordless Cordless
Battery Life 90 Minutes 50 Minutes 90 Minutes
Cleaning Area Up to 850 sq.ft Up to 525 sq.ft Up to 861 sq.ft
Charging Time 2.5 hours 4 hours 6 hours
Switch Button Top Bottom Top
LED Indicator
Chemical Dispenser


Most frequent questions and answers

The Seagull 1000 works best on flat bottom pools and you should avoid using it in a pool with a slope.