Aiper Surfer S1

A Solar Powered Clean

Aiper Surfer S1

A Solar Powered Clean

Efficient Cleaning

The brushless motor propels the paddle-wheel-styled Surfer S1 on its hunt to clean your pool,
ensuring maximum cleaning coverage and debris collection.

Ten Hours Battery

Fully charged, the Aiper Surfer S1 glides across the surface of your pool,
picking up all types of floating debris for up to ten hours.

Path Optimization

The Surfer S1 optimizes the cleaning path of your skimmer, improving cleaning coverage and overall efficiency for a more seamless cleaning experience. And with the Surfer S1’s ultrasonic detectors, the skimmer intelligently detects, protects, and cleans even the every edges of your pool.

APP Support

More Details on Aiper App Coming Soon.

Two Cleaning Modes

Using Aiper Technology, the Surfer S1 will determine an optimal cleaning pattern for your pool and set out to collect floating debris without any supervision from you.

Remote Cleaning
Auto Cleaning

For All Pool Types

Great for any pool size, thanks to its solar-powered battery, the Aiper Surfer S1 works great in standard, saltwater, and natural pools. No matter what pool you have, the Surfer S1 is your go-to choice for a pool skimmer.

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